About Damario Brown

Is This Tupac’s Son? Or Is Tupac Back?

Damario Brown also known as FamoussAss2pac is currently trying out for the new Tupac movie directed by Antione Fiquas (from Training Day). He’s blown away the public with his identical look to rapper Tupac Shakur, & has been getting a lot of attention & buzz on major sites as Twitter, Facebook, Bossip, Vladtv, & more!

He’s also been traveling to cities like Detroit, New York, Atlanta, & more hosting parties, club appearances, radio interviews, & of course being Tupac’s impersonator.

A lot of Damario’s celeb friends have been giving him support in photos with west coast rappers – Nipsey Hussle, Yg, Brick Squad’s Joe Moses, Ty$, & more.

Not to mention, people who are close to Tupac Shakur have also been giving Damario the most support such as Tupac’s first manager – Leila Steinberg, 2pac’s first bodyguard, Miguel (from Jawana Man & Life) & etc.

This is a blessing considering a young black male from Los Angeles, California who have been to jail, sold drugs, gang banged, lived in a foster home, has a mom who was a drunk & did drugs, family taking his money, & a father who was never around.

He was running out of faith until he heard about a movie coming out about the late Tupac Shakur. He got back on his feet & grinded; few months later his identical picture showed up on the “In Search of Tupac” Facebook page & became one of the top candidates for the movie.

He teamed up with great friends to help & work as a team with his manager – Lazar from MTV, & R&B group 2 official, & business consultant, & promoter – Demarco Smith (a young poet, promoter, & entrepreneur) for months they campaigned & now as they sit back & wait on the results, they will continue to keep the streets & internet buzzing, asking the number one question…




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