Celeb Supporters

There are many celebrities in the music & acting industry that support Damario. If you ask of the boy “Damario Brown”, it rings bells. He has kicked it with such rappers as YG, Nipsey Hussle, Ty$, Problem, Joe Moses, Lloyd Banks, Mbone, & many more! On the acting side, he has supporters such as Andre … Continue reading

A Closer Look To Tupac

Damario has actually met people that worked with Tupac Shakur, such as Leila SteinBerg, Tupac’s first manager. She stated, “It’s so liery, how much he looks like Tupac” which really meant a lot to him. Another is Ray Luv, the best friend of Tupac. Tupac recorded his first song with him in the bay area, … Continue reading

Tupac Audition Tape Leaked!

Damario shocked the whole world of Tupac Fans when he was discovered by the website InSearchOfTupac.com & Facebook site of their casting call. They didn’t even see footage & wanted him to go for the movie role; didn’t see the juice fade, just a photo of him, he was fresh out of jail & in a competition … Continue reading