Damario Makes BOSSIP’s Gossip!

Damario Brown also known as “FamoussAss2pac” has so much buzz about himself, so many supporters & fan base all over the world such as foreign countries like Russia, Germany, Italy, Haiti, & many more. He is a hero in the making, he has so much support; he has been supported by a major website in the Hip-Hop community/Celebrity community, a blog site … Continue reading

A Closer Look To Tupac

Damario has actually met people that worked with Tupac Shakur, such as Leila SteinBerg, Tupac’s first manager. She stated, “It’s so liery, how much he looks like Tupac” which really meant a lot to him. Another is Ray Luv, the best friend of Tupac. Tupac recorded his first song with him in the bay area, … Continue reading